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In this episode of She Gets Out, Magda and Michelle talk with Kornelia Natalia Przybyszewska, or Kora, a molecular microbiologist from Magda’s home country, Poland. Kora basically lives to climb the mountains, and we had a great time chatting with her. Kora has a lot of valuable advice and experience with the mountains and is also quite modest about her talent, as you’ll hear in her laid-back attitude in the episode.

This episode contains terminology that some new or never-before climbers might not fully understand. Below is a quick overview of climbing terminology you may find helpful for this episode:

Belay– The person who safely manages to rope of the climber to catch the climber in case of a fall or slip. This is the person at the bottom of the climb feeding rope or taking in rope from the climber on the wall.

Lead Climbing, or Lead Climber- A form of climbing, either on sport or trad, where you are the first person to climb the route and set protection. You cannot lead climb on a top-rope. Lead climbing is often difficult and scarier than top-rope climbing because you are often climbing above your protection, so that if you fall, you will fall further than if your rope was above you.

Sport Climbing- Rock climbing using pre-placed protection like bolts that are screwed into the rock face or a top-rope that is placed at the top of a climb.

Traditional Climbing, or Trad Climbing– Rock climbing using protection placed by the lead climber and removed by the second climber on the climb.

Pitch– The length of a climb that can be protected by one rope length. A multi-pitch is a climb that requires 2 or more pitches to be climbed by a lead climber and second.

Want more climbing terminology? REI has a great resource here.

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