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Episode 9: Emilie | United States

Today we’re trying something new! In this short episode, you'll meet a professional climber and mountaineer - Emilie Drinkwater. Emilie has 20 years of experience climbing, skiing and hiking mountains in the Adirondacks, Alaska, the Karakoram and the Hindu Kush. She...

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Episode 8: Lorena | Peru

Today’s episode of She Gets Out features Lorena Zapata, an urban cyclist, ultra-marathoner and hiker from Lima, Peru. Lorena incorporates the outdoors into every aspect of her life, but it wasn’t always this way. She shares with us how she...

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Episode 7: Kim | United States

Today's episode features Kim Heintz, a mountain biker and online business and technical strategist in Illinois. Kim is a passionate mountain biker and spends a lot of time in the saddle. This summer, she completed her second Leadville Trail 100 MTB, a 100-mile...

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Episode 6: Noor | Pakistan

In this episode of She Gets Out, we chat with Noor Rahman, an urban cyclist and an activist for women’s rights in Lahore, Pakistan. We talk about everything in this interview, from cycling to feminism. Noor discusses a few organizations that...

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Episode 5: Anja | Mozambique

In this episode of She Gets Out, Magda chats with Anja, a digital nomad and a creator of Happy Backpacker, one of Germany’s most popular travel blogs.  Last year, Anja quit her corporate job in Germany and moved to Tofo, Mozambique where she...

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Episode 4: Kora | Poland

In this episode of She Gets Out, Magda and Michelle talk with Kornelia Natalia Przybyszewska, or Kora, a molecular microbiologist from Magda's home country, Poland. Kora basically lives to climb the mountains, and we had a great time chatting with her. Kora has a lot...

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Episode 3: Marcia | United States

In this episode, we chat with Marcia Woodfield, a real estate agent (#therollingrealtor) from New York City who speed skates! Marcia shares with us her 20+ years with the sport that took her from a leisurely after-work skate in the park to...

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Episode 2: Charlotte | Australia

In this episode, we chat with Charlotte O'Beirne, a swim coach and ocean water swimmer in Western Australia. Charlotte shares her journey to becoming an open water swimmer--from her first time swimming in the open ocean, why she hated it, and ultimately how she went...

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Episode 1: Basma | Egypt

In the first episode of She Gets Out, Magda and Michelle talk with Basma El Baz, an award winning journalist from Cairo, Egypt who also happens to be passionate about running. Basma opens up about how she got her start running in Dubai, what fuels her to get outside,...

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