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Episode 2: Charlotte | Australia

In this episode, we chat with Charlotte O'Beirne, a swim coach and ocean water swimmer in Western Australia. Charlotte shares her journey to becoming an open water swimmer--from her first time swimming in the open ocean, why she hated it, and ultimately how she went...

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Episode 1: Basma | Egypt

In the first episode of She Gets Out, Magda and Michelle talk with Basma El Baz, an award winning journalist from Cairo, Egypt who also happens to be passionate about running. Basma opens up about how she got her start running in Dubai, what fuels her to get outside,...

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Coming Soon: The She Gets Out Podcast

Welcome to She Gets Out--A podcast featuring stories from women who get outside and out of their comfort zone. We can't wait to share stories from women who make getting outdoors a priority. Subscribe to She Gets Out wherever you get your podcasts. We'll...

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Welcome to She Gets Out!

Hi-ya! We are Michelle and Magda. We are starting a podcast about women in the outdoors! But why, you ask? There are (at least) two reasons. 99% of us are amateurs Most of the sports stories we hear are about professionals winning trophies or beating...

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