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In this episode of She Gets Out, Magda chats with Anja, a digital nomad and a creator of Happy Backpacker, one of Germany’s most popular travel blogs.  Last year, Anja quit her corporate job in Germany and moved to Tofo, Mozambique where she became a divemaster.

Today, Anja spends most of her days in the water – diving and surfing. In her own words:

My life now is so much better than I could have ever dreamed of sitting in my work cubicle.’

If the idea of living a simple life close to nature appeals to you, check out this episode. Anja’s story is a great reminder that life is short and it’s your decision to make it your dream life.

For more from Anja, check out Happy Backpacker (only available in German), or follow her Instagram @happy_backpacker.

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