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Hi-ya! We are Michelle and Magda.

We are starting a podcast about women in the outdoors! But why, you ask? There are (at least) two reasons.

99% of us are amateurs

Most of the sports stories we hear are about professionals winning trophies or beating records. But in any given race only the first 5 people are competing for a prize. The rest of us are competing with ourselves; for us, the race is about getting out the door and pushing our boundaries.

Yet our stories are never told, and the voices of women in sports are rarely heard.

We believe that it’s these women practicing sports, and spending time outdoors are changing our communities for the better.  And, it’s those weekend warriors that we want to get to know on our podcast!

You can find all of the inspiring stories of the She Gets Out community in Dispatches, our “get out of your comfort zone” category of the blog.

The outdoors is our playground

Like you, we take every opportunity to get outside. We are both rock climbers (though admittedly, Magda is just starting out!). We love the sport because it’s a perfect combination of mental and physical activity. You’re constantly trying to decide your next step, fix your body position, and recalibrate your balance.

We also both hike and we always love trying something new! You can read about our adventures in the Dispatches, “Reports from the Field” category of the blog and on Instagram @shegetsout.

Join us!

We drop new episodes every first Thursday of the month. The first episode will feature Basma who runs the streets of Cairo. Tune in on August 2 on your favorite podcast player – just look for “She Gets Out” and subscribe today.

Every other Thursday, we’ll also post a shorter “report from the field” where you’ll hear about awesome women who make getting outdoors a priority.  If you know of a woman who should be featured on the podcast, drop us a comment below and we’ll get in touch with you.

We’ll see you out there!

Episode 10: Season 1 Wrap

Take a listen to hear lessons we learned from our Season 1 guests.

Episode 9: Emilie | United States

Meet Emilie, a professional mountain guide based in the United States.

Episode 8: Lorena | Peru

Meet Lorena, a solo-hiker, ultra-runner, and all around adventure enthusiast in Lima, Peru.

Episode 7: Kim | United States

Meet Kim, a mountain biker based in the United States.

Episode 6: Noor | Pakistan

Meet Noor, an urban bicycle advocate in Lahore, Pakistan.

Episode 5: Anja | Mozambique

Meet Anja, a dive master and avid surfer in Mozambique.

Episode 4: Kora | Poland

Meet Kora, a mountaineer, climber, and scientist from Poland.

Episode 3: Marcia | United States

Meet Marcia, a speed-skater in New York City.

Episode 2: Charlotte | Australia

Meet Charlotte, a swim coach and open ocean swimmer in Australia.

Episode 1: Basma | Egypt

Meet Basma, a journalist and runner in Cairo, Egypt.